Farah M.
Farah M., Skyline Class of 2022

Being a child of migrant parents who came to Australia with virtually nothing, Farah and her family often do not have the luxury to spend for leisure. Farah dreams of going to university, but as a permanent resident, she won’t be able to receive funding, adding more financial burden.

Applying to Skyline means that she will be rewarded for her hard work, relieve the financial stress from her parents and be able to meet like-minded students and mentors.

As a student from Northern Bay College (Goldsworthy), Farah is most proud of receiving the Year 7-9 Academic scholarship and being recognized as a trusted and inspiring leader by her peers. She is also passionate about helping people and being someone who others can confide in.

In 2021, Farah hopes to get through school productively and develop efficient study skills.