Dusan J.
Dusan J., Skyline Class of 2022

Dusan is a Year 11 student from Lyndale Secondary College who applied to Skyline after hearing about all the opportunities that would help him strive through VCE and to meet new people.

While he finds himself having to occasionally overcome his social awkwardness, Dusan is proud of himself for being able to meet new people comfortably. He is also extremely happy for being able to adapt to Australia after living overseas for 11 years, and for being able to make it through the coronavirus pandemic. Dusan also cites being able to achieve straight A grades when he studied in Montenegro as being another achievement, he is proud of.

With Dusan’s love for mathematics, chemistry, and geography, he is motivated by a fellow Serbian, Nikola Tesla to also change the world. He is also inspired by his hardworking family who have also always supported him.