Dommi Moreno
Domenica Moreno, Program Manager Assistant

Domenica was an academic and elite athlete scholarship recipient sponsored by the Ecuadorian Government to study at The University of Melbourne. She completed a bachelor’s degree in Geography, Politics, and Culture, has a diploma in Project Management, and an interpreter license.

Dommi (as she likes to be called), knows from firsthand experience the importance of empowering those who suffer from social and economic disadvantages. Being linguistically and culturally diverse, she understands the hindrances of living away from home and has developed useful techniques to adapt to her environment.

Her experience has been shaped around her work with the Embassy of Ecuador in Canberra, where she supported the negotiations for educational scholarships and the Work and Holiday visas between both countries. In UNHCR, she developed reports that aided vulnerable people to gain access to education and resettled families to Australia, the USA, and New Zealand.

Dommi also worked for a private migration agency supporting migrants through finding scholarships, work, and residency opportunities in Melbourne. She has tutored English and Spanish for academic purposes and started an NGO to protect the Amazon’s biodiversity in her home country.

Dommi was attracted to this role because she wants to contribute to the community with her knowledge, skills, and experience to let others build their best potential using the tools and support available in Australia.