Cai M.
Cai M., Skyline Class of 2019

Cai is dedicated to his passions in the STEM field and you will almost always find him working with technology.

He spends his spare time building computers, writing code and learning how to solder circuits. After graduating from Surf Coast Secondary College, Cai is looking forward to channel his affinity with maths and science in his pursuit of a Bachelor of Science as a Physics Major at RMIT.

For Cai, the Skyline Foundation has meant personal growth. The program gave him insight into how he was perceived and gave him a new perspective. This “accepting and high energy” community has motivated self-improvement within him.

He reflects on the Year 12 residential program at Trinity College where he was inspired by those around him who had talents and interests in a diverse range of fields. This prompted a change in attitude and an understanding to “put my all into things no matter what” that he has carried with him since.