Cai H.
Cai H., Skyline Class of 2021

Cai is a recent graduate from Mansfield Secondary College in rural Victoria. He studied French, Legal Studies, Literature, Maths Methods, Health and Human Development and History. Since joining the program, Skyline has provided constant and reliable support for Cai, allowing him to also enjoy many new experiences and help his family.

Earlier in 2021, Cai and his family spent may weeks at the hospital caring for his younger brother. On top of the challenges of remote learning, Cai found himself unable to keep up with school. However, with resilience, hard work and the support of his teachers, family and friends, Cai is extremely proud of being able be up to standard within a term and achieving outstanding results. From this experience, Cai has learnt to manage his work-life balance by doing one thing at a time to prevent overwhelming himself.

Upon finishing high school, Cai plans to take a gap year to work, help his family and learn various other languages. He has always been interested in the power of different cultures and wishes to build his confidence in French which he is fluent in, and Russian which he believes is unique with its own lettering system.