Breanna S.
Breanna S., Skyline Class of 2019

Breanna is a self-sustaining, ‘can-do’ individual who has started up her own small photography and videography business with customers including local sporting clubs. She is an excellent student and has been awarded the Student Achievement Award in 2017 and the ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership & teamwork Award in 2019, during her time at Surf Coast Secondary College.

She is most proud of being the first person in her immediate family to attend university as she pursues an engineering pathway at Deakin College, as she continues her casual job at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery.

Breanna believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to “become anything or anyone”. For her, the Skyline Program has allowed her to have “the most amazing experiences with the most amazing people”, and those who she can be inspired by. She looks forward to a bright future where she will become “who I am today, but wiser”.