Blake S.
Blake S., Skyline Class of 2022

A Year 11 student from Geelong High School, Blake is his father’s sole carer, who has experienced various injuries. Blake finds himself constantly having to try his hardest to push through everyday life, unsure why his mother left his family and was also previously bullied.

Applying to Skyline means that a lot of this stress can be alleviated from his family whom he feels he owes everything to. Inspired by his father’s tenacity, Blake hopes to continuously better himself.

Seeing how workplace injuries has personally affected his father, Blake aspires to undertake an engineering course and develop tools and systems to create safer work environments.

He also loves canoeing, actively races as the State Champion in various classes and is currently nominated for the 16 & under state team to compete in the national race. He is also most proud of achieving the Queens Scout Award in ventures as the Unit Chair Position at Nindethana Collective Venturer Unit.