Astrid W.
Astrid W., Skyline Class of 2019

Astrid has recently completed her Year 12 studies at Kyneton Secondary College in 2019 with consistently high academic results, as demonstrated by being the top student in her Legal Studies class.

She hopes to find full time employment in retail to save up some money for her dreams. She is a creative soul who enjoys drawing, painting, and writing, and she has a deep passion for animals and music.

Her favourite quote reads, “So many of life eventualities are beyond your control. Work out what things you can influence and come to a peaceful acceptance of the rest.”

Inspired by her challenges, Astrid picks herself up and overcomes obstacles, and sees happiness and acceptance in her future.

Skyline has given her the hope, courage and resources that allowed her to finish high school. Through the Program, she enjoyed making connections with new people and “making life-long friends that share the same experiences” as her.