Annie Harper
Annie Harper, Former Skyline Lead Program Manager

Annie has a lifelong and abiding interest, and passion, for the power of education to challenge, enhance, elevate and transform.

Alongside her professional career Annie has remained committed to education. She has worked as a sessional, and guest lecturer; was instrumental in developing several subjects for the Diploma of Arts (Visual Merchandising) course at RMIT University; and has been an industry representative on the Steering Committee Executive for the aforementioned course where she is also currently serving, for the second time, as Chairperson.

“I equate education with enablement, opportunity and freedom and this is what attracted me to working with Skyline. It is an amazing organisation supported by a fantastic group of committed people, and it provides students the opportunity to dream big and ultimately fulfil their potential”.

Annie has been committed to easing and improving the transition which students make through the last years of school and in choosing courses and tertiary institutions for their subsequent professional careers and personal development. She believes there are many aspects to this process, spreading over years, and Skyline highlights and successfully enhances student self-awareness and knowledge of options and prospects.

Annie assisted with similar activities in other places and is pleased with her contributions to Skyline evolving and growing in this space.