Adrian Ferdinand
Adrian F., Skyline Class of 2011

Skyline not only eased the financial burden on Adrian's family, but equally as importantly helped him through a myriad of leadership and professional development opportunities, propelling both his university and professional career.

As a Skyline alumnus, following high school, he completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Marketing) and Bachelor of Nutrition Science at Deakin Univeristy. With his strong passion for Mathematics, Adrian was then able to build his own tutoring and mentoring company in 2011, expanding later in 2015.

Alongside educating and mentoring over 80 students from 25 different schools, he also currently works full-time in a Senior Marketing and Recruitment role for the Faculty of Business and Law at Deakin University and studies a Master of Data Science at Deakin University.

Adrian also generously gives back to Skyline as an elected co-leader of the Skyline Alumni Community.