Following the creation of Skyline by educational psychologist, the late John Cheetham, through the DOXA Youth Foundation, Skyline was established in 2006, when Dr Peter Hollingworth was invited to take on the role of Chairman.  Since then, Dr Hollingworth has led the Foundation through substantial change, to create a successful program that has grown to reach more students than ever before.  After a decade in the helm, Dr Hollingworth has decided that it’s time to hand the reigns to someone else to continue his work into the next decade.

The Board is pleased to announce the new Chair of Skyline as Katrina Reynen.  Katrina has been on the Skyline Board since 2008 and has been instrumental in shaping the Foundation into what it is today.  Katrina is delighted and honoured to have been elected the Chair of Skyline in 2017.  I originally became a Director on the Skyline Board because I was so impressed with Skyline’s successful educational program for disadvantaged VCE students with unique and special needs. Over the past nine years I have been part of Skyline’s growth and have come to understand why this program makes a real difference to not only our students, but to their schools and communities as well. Our students are outstanding and their success in secondary and higher education defies the expectations of their backgrounds as compared with like schools. 

Through my professional experience in education I am able to confidently assert that the Skyline program is exceptional and should be available to more, equally worthy students. To be part of a program that produces such amazing results for the whole community, and such accomplished young people is both humbling and energising. It is time to take my long-held passion to take advocacy for gifted and talented students from under resourced backgrounds to the next level, and to build the momentum to have “a thousand voices” advocating for Skyline”.

Katrina completed a Masters in Education (Gifted) which focused on the social and emotional needs of gifted adolescents.  She then joined the Gifted Students Program in the Department of Education and over the following 17 years held executive positions in the Department of Education.  More recently, she has held the roles of Director of Global Education at Cisco and Education Lead for SingTel/Optus and is currently a Consulting CEO, working with SME technology companies.

As we welcome Katrina as Chair, we will not be farewelling Dr Hollingworth just yet.  He will continue to be part of the Skyline Foundation through his role as the Foundation’s Ambassador.  Skyline is confident that with its strengthening of the Board, an expanded program, a new Ambassador, as well as welcoming Peter Arvanitis on as a Patron; that the Skyline Education Foundation will continue to grow in its support of young people achieving their educational potential.