Skyline Foundation UBS Exam Revision Sessions

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Susan is you presenter, she graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 97.70 and dux in English, History Revolutions, Global Politics and French.

Math Methods

Gypsy is presenting here, he graduated from the Skyline Program in 2018 and achieved the highest ATAR of 97.7 of any boy in the government sector in the Geelong region!

English Literature

Josh your presenter who graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.85. He is currently studying his Bachelor of Medical Science / Doctor of Medicine at Monash University.


Skyline Alumna Malaz from the Class of 2019 is your presenter who achieved an ATAR of 97.35.

Further Maths

Your presenter Adrian, is a Skyline Alumnus graduating in 2011 with an ATAR of 95.95 and a perfect score for Further Mathematics!


Theano, Skyline Alumna, graduated from the Skyline Program in 2019 with an ATAR of 94.70 and an extraordinary EAL result! Find out more!


Presenting here is Josh who graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.85 and is now studying Medicine.

English Language

Presenter Jess graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 98.35 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in physics.

Specialist Maths

Again Skyline Alumnus Gypsy is presenting bringing his 97.7 ATAR into the mix.

Legal Studies

Presenting is Malaz, Skyline graduate with her 97.35 ATAR and now at the University of Melbourne.


Brigette your presenter graduated as dux of her school in 2018, with an ATAR of 99.75, finishing with a 47 in Economics.


Presenting here is Ethan who graduated with an ATAR of 99.65 and was accepted into Medical School at Monash University.

Business Management

Jasmine your presenter graduated with a 95.95 ATAR in 2017, finishing with a 49 in Business Management!


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