Human intelligence is a wonderous thing, and it is a complex thing as well.  IQ tests alone don't tell the whole story of how well you think, nor do they indicate how successful you may be in School in life.  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can help to round out the picture by exploring another set of thinking and processing skills that include self awareness and social awareness in human development and communication. 


Skyline Hatch believes a combination set a Student up for success throughout the VCE and beyond



Skyline Hatch builds IQ through peer-to-peer tutoring and through masterclasses that focus on exam preparation and revision, with all IQ offerings complementing classroom learning. 


All sessions are delivered online by our high-achieving tutoring team via our purpose-built learning management system (LMS) with recordings available via the learning platform after the live event.



Skyline Hatch has a series of services that span the academic year to support students on a weekly basis with their VCE subjects, as well as undertake specific test preparation masterclasses and comprehensive exam-specific revision. 

Weekly Tutoring for VCE Subjects

  • Comprehensive list of Unit 1/2 and Unit 3/4 subjects available. 
  • Pick one subject, or select a few.
  • Complemented by one-on-one checkin with tutor to target comprehension.
  • Offered during term throughout the academic year. 

VCE Hack - Study Skills Masterclass

  • Tips and tricks for students to develop their own sustainable study style and approach to time management.
  • Tools to support the wellbeing of students
  • Offered throughout the academic year.

SAC Preparation Masterclass

  • Targeted sessions on specific SAC topics.
  • Tutor-led SAC walkthrough with worked examples.
  • Sharing of valuable preparation strategies.
  • Instant Q+A support.
  • Available for English, EAL, Maths + Chemistry.
  • Find out more.

GAT Preparation Masterclass

  • Reduces student uncertainty and increases confidence in GAT approach.
  • Addresses writing tasks 1 and 2, STEM multiple-choice and humanities multiple-choice.
  • New GAT format for 2022 is reflected in workshop content.
  •  Find out more by clicking here!

Weekly Math Methods Tests

  • Tutors provide a weekly test to be completed in Student's own time.
  • A one-hour session, works through the answers, provides guidance on how to optimise answers. and enables student sharing.
  • Coming in 2022. Register your interest here.

Exam Revision Series delivered in partnership with UBS

In addition to weekly tutoring service and our masterclass and workshop offerings, each year our Team rallies together to deliver an exceptional experience for comprehensive revision for VCE Students.  This inspirational and interactive series is designed to equip Students to walk into exams informed, empowered and confident.

The 2022 series is on from Monday September 26 - Friday September 30

Let us tell you a little it more about the Exam Revision Series

  • it is delivered by high achieving Tutors who are recent VCE graduates
  • the sessions cover content revision, exams tips and tricks, as well as scoring considerations
  • the sessions are enhanced by EQ (emotional intelligence) components to support Students to build emotional capacity and maintain wellbeing to perform at peak, and manage overwhelm and stress.
  • Students can choose revision sessions from over 12 of the most popular Unit 3/4 subjects

The series is delivered in the September holidays by our exceptional delivery Team.

A short snapshot of what the
Exam Revision Series is all about!

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Skyline Hatch has had the pleasure of collaborating with coach Leah Davidson to create a suite of services that support the personal development of Students throughout these challenging years.


From reduced overwhelm and stress, to increased clarity and emotional intelligence, the offerings below benefit Students now, and beyond their high school endeavours. 


These sessions are delivered virtually, though some of these workshops will be available as ‘in -person' offerings throughout 2022.

Monthly Mindset

Scaffolding to Support VCE + VCAL Student Mindset.

  • Connecting Students with a monthly dose of inspiring personal development.
  • Ten deep dive interactive monthly sessions delivered online
  • Available throughout the year – choose your cohort's start date!

Stress Hack Masterclass

Dive Deep into the Source of Stress and Solutions to it!

  • Science-backed session to help students understand, manage and overcome the feelings of stress while working under pressure.
  • Students will walk away with a practical toolkit to support sustainable change.
  • Offered throughout the academic year. Next session is September 1 at 5pm – want to find out more? Click here!

Life's Toolbox Workshop

Building Foundations for Emotional Resilience

  • Transformational life skills program builds emotional intelligence in Students.
  • One full day workshop in person, or alternatively, six one-hour online session.

Five Year Plan

Upleveling Dreams by Setting Goals with Neuroscience

  • A three-hour discovery session, and two 30 minute set-up sessions.
  • A highly-individualised approach to making choices on subjects, lifestyle, university and careers through long term vision planning.
  • Designed as a one-on-one offering for maximum results.

Hear from Leah as she speaks about the Stress Hacks Masterclass...

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Leah deeply enjoys working with Students, but also sees the benefit for Staff and educational support teams in participating alongside their students in this important and impactful work. 

To explore how Leah could work with your team within your school to support professional development please reach out to our Skyline Hatch team