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The Five Year Plan is a transformational approach to making choices on subjects, lifestyle, university and careers through long term vision planning.

In this one-on-one immersion, young people take the opportunity to pause and think deeply, possibly for the first time, about what they really want in life. Using science-backed mindset strategies, we explore what’s really possible in all areas of life. Looking through a new filter, we articulate what genuinely resonates and feels right while dismantling assumptions about what we ‘should’ do or what we feel we are expected to do.

Young people are asked to make major choices like deciding what subjects to take, what career they want, whether they’ll go to university, learn a trade, travel… Decisions like these are so often made for the wrong reasons and under pressure. In fact, many adults have yet to feel that they’ve made the right choice and will often go back and re-think those early decisions.

The Five Year Plan program offers a non-linear pathway to empowered decision making by helping young people start to know what feels right to them, and how to follow their passion by making choices that are not only sustainable but inspiring inside a long-term vision for life.

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  • Individual uniquely customised working directly with Leah


  • A three-hour discovery session, and two 30 minute set-up sessions



  • 5 Year Plan Workbook

Our Pricing:

  • $1,800

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