is everything
VCE success is made of

Hatch provides unique services designed to help students achieve VCE success:

  • Building IQ through peer to peer tutoring
  • Exam preparation and revision
  • Developing EQ through transformational personal development and group leadership programs ​

  • As a social enterprise, Hatch profits support more students to participate in Skyline Education Foundation's life-changing VCE Program.


    Because a student's success is important

    Through our social enterprise Skyline will turbo-charge your students on their 2021 VCE runway with access to our inspirational Skyline Alumni and their peers sharing their secrets on how they achieved incredible results!

    Skyline Education Foundation offers unique services building IQ - tutoring, exam preparation and revision, and also developing EQ with our trusted experts for life planning and coaching.

    With your engagement, we will employ our Skyline Alumni, their carefully selected peers and our specialists to support your 2021 VCE students, and this will enable us to invest in growing the number of resilient high ability year 11 students who can commence our transformational Skyline journey in 2022.

    Join us in not only accelerating your VCE students’ success but also in enabling more students to join Skyline!

    Book now to avoid disappointment - 2021 places are strictly limited!

    Send your EQ/IQ booking request to Sally Watts, GM Skyline Hatch on


    Subject Date Time Price

    Exam Hack

    Monday 11th October
    5pm - 6:30pm
    The Five Year Plan

    To be agreed after initial consultation call

    Weekly Tutoring


    Meet some of our Skyline Hatch Tutors!

    Roger Page, Principal of Nossal High School on Skyline Hatch

    Meet Leah Davidson and find out more about Stress Hack!

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