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Skyline Hatch VCE Exam Revision Series

In Partnership with UBS

Preparing for Year 12 exams can feel overwhelming.

The Exam Revision Series is designed to help Students walk into exams with confidence. Choose one or more sessions from the most popular Unit 3/4 subjects.

Led by high-achieving tutors who are recent VCE graduates, each session will provide all the exam information that Students need, including exam strategies, practice questions and more.

  • Revision of all relevant content from the Unit 3/4 study design.
  • Proven exam strategies.
  • Interactive practice questions and worked examples.
  • High-scoring sample responses.
  • Q&A with our experienced tutors.

Thanks to awesome support from UBS, we're offering VCE Students free access to the Exam Revision Series!



















About Skyline Hatch

Skyline’s social enterprise, Hatch, leverages over 15 years’ proven track record in delivering academic and wellbeing support to optimise outcomes for VCE students. Hatch offers Exam Revision, SAC/GAT masterclasses, tutoring, personal development and mindset programs that support Teachers to deliver more for their Students. Our Team includes extraordinary Skyline Alumni and leading wellbeing educators. All Hatch profits are returned to Skyline Education Foundation Australia to fund more Students to join Skyline’s unique two-year VCE Program.

A Word from UBS

As a core part of our Community Affairs program, and in line with our global policy, we focus our contributions on education and entrepreneurship initiatives. Given the current environment and the challenges Students face, the need for support is even greater this year. UBS is delighted to work closely with Skyline, supporting the Exam Revision Series whilst offering our staff to provide much needed directed support over and above straight financial contributions. Offering a “hand up” not a “hand out” is core to our

About the Series and the UBS Partnership

Skyline is thrilled to build on its relationship with UBS, a leading investment bank and asset manager in ANZ. In 2020, Skyline delivered our inaugural Exam Revision Series in partnership with UBS. Continued support from UBS in 2021 enables Skyline to provide another inspirational Exam Revision Series for the benefit of our VCE students. Thanks also to UBS’s generosity, we are able to extend the benefits our Skyline students receive to include students who attend our partner government schools. The series will be designed and delivered by our multi-talented Skyline alumni and their peers, in conjunction with UBS and engaged UBS staff who will assist during the sessions. The series aims to improve the capacity for students to undertake revision in respect of Year 12 curriculum and to facilitate the students’ success in their final exams. Our partner schools endeavour to support and educate a high percentage of students who would welcome this opportunity to get ahead and prepare for a brighter future. Skyline continues to celebrate this partnership with UBS, which has in the past included hosting Masterclasses, our Annual Reception, Alumni gatherings, and providing much needed IT equipment.

Skyline Education Foundation Australia

Our passion for helping specific young people originates from our founder, the late John S Cheetham, an educational psychologist who understood the power of education to change the life of a child – in particular, a student with the intellectual ability to make a major contribution to the world, but little or no ability to change the circumstances of their background. Throughout 2020 and 2021, more than at any other period in the organisation’s history, we have endeavoured to extend our services so that Skyline students and students from our partner schools would not fall behind their VCE counterparts. Welcome everyone!


This session is designed to teach you the content outlined in all the key points of the Study Design, and nothing extra or irrelevant. We'll be covering everything from the beginning to end of the course – everything from the organelles of the cell to human evolution – with an emphasis on areas that are examined more commonly and more in depth.

More importantly, we will be discussing how best to identify what the examiner wants you to write at the end of the year, and how exactly to write this in a time efficient and effective way. We'll be walking you through plenty and plenty of practice questions!

By the end of the session you will be able to identify the common processes and definitions that VCAA will assess your knowledge on at the end of the year. You will also have the skills to identify which part of the study design common VCAA questions are assessing and how to answer them in a way that will earn you the most marks.

Congratulations on making it this far into the year – this is the final stretch! In this session we will revise topics from across Units 3 and 4, all in the context of the final exam. We will focus on common problem areas, using VCAA’s expectations and feedback from past exams to guide us. We will be covering examinable topics from:

  • Business foundations
  • Managing employees
  • Operations management
  • Reviewing performance – the need for change, and
  • Implementing change.

This session will feature interactive activities, quizzes and the opportunity to ask experienced tutors as many questions as you can. We will discuss past questions, exam strategies, and some examiner pet peeves!

By the end of the session, you will have:

  • Thorough knowledge of what the Business Management exam looks like, and how you can do your best to prepare for it
  • Knowledge of examiners’ expectations, and
  • A strong understanding of examinable Business Management topics!

We can’t wait to see you at the presentation!

This session is designed to prepare you for the Chemistry exam, with a specific focus on maximising scores through specific strategies to tackle both multiple choice and extended response questions. 

Over three hours, we will cover the critical content of VCE  Chemistry, with a focus on areas where students typically score poorly. We will develop strategies to determine how to score the highest amount of marks possible, with a particular interest in long-answer and experimental design questions. 

By the end of the session, you will have developed strategies in time management, applied difficult concepts onto difficult and frequently appearing questions, and learnt how to avoid the common mistakes of VCE Chemistry.

This Masterclass is designed to enhance your abilities to analyse and thoroughly explore the use of language and literary techniques in texts as well as provide you with A+ skills for your Language analysis, Analytical text response and Listening task in preparation for your Exam. 

Content covered:

Analytical Text response: 

  • Introduction and analysis of Themes and Symbols in texts and how to interpret them
  • Comprehensive paragraph breakdown
  • Topic Starters 
  • Interactive text response exercise 

Language Analysis:

  • Introduction and analysis of persuasive language and its effects on the audience
  • Comprehensive paragraph breakdown
  • How to analyse visuals 
  • Interactive paragraph analysis exercise 


  • Assessment Criteria by VCAA
  • Common questions in listening assessment and what to look out for 
  • Examples of delivery, language use and tone 
  • Interactive listening exercise 

+ Tips and Tricks to study smarter 

By the end of the session you will have covered each section of the study design relating to the exam, identified your strengths and weaknesses and participated in interactive activities that aim to challenge you and strengthen your abilities 

Save the date: 21st September 2021

See you all there!

This session is designed to refresh you on Units 3&4 of Economics and help develop your exam and study technique in the lead up to exams.

Over the session, we’ll cover key topics including:

  • Microeconomics
  • Australia’s Economic Goals
  • Australia and the External Economy
  • Budgetary and Monetary Policy
  • Aggregate Supply Policies
  • Revision and Exam Techniques 

The session will be super interactive, including practice questions, quizzes and Q&A with an experienced Economics tutor. 

By the end of the session, you will have: 

  • A stronger sense of clarity around Economics 3&4 content and how topics are interconnected
  • Strategies for structuring your revision and exam answers to maximise your marks in the exam! 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

This session is designed to prepare you for all three sections of the English exam. Over five hours, the session will provide a thorough overview of:

  • Analytical text response 
  • Comparative text response
  • Argument analysis (including interactive and guided article analysis)
  • Exam study and time management tips

Featuring interactive quizzes, activities, and an ongoing Q&A with our experienced English tutors, the session will also be highly interactive!

By the end of the session, you will have:

  • A sophisticated understanding of how to analyse (and not just summarise)
  • Tangible strategies for tackling each section of the English exam
  • Examples of high-scoring and low-scoring essays
  • A+ resources to guide your exam study

We hope to see you there!

This session is designed to prepare you for the core modules in both the Further Maths Exams. Over five hours, the session will provide an overview of:

  • Data Analysis Module
  • Finance and Recursion module
  • How to answer the more challenging past VCAA questions
  • Time management, calculator, and exam study tips

Featuring interactive quizzes, and an ongoing Q&A with our experienced Further Maths tutors, the session will also be highly interactive!

By the end of the session, you will have:

  • A strong understanding of the theory and content for the core modules (data analysis & finance and recursion)
  • Practical examples of how to apply this theory in answering questions
  • Worked solutions for some of the hardest past exam questions, as well as an understanding of how to approach similar questions if they were to come up in your exam
  • The confidence to smash your Further Maths final exam!

We hope to see you there!

In this masterclass, we will work together to expand on your pre-existing knowledge of the fundamentals of legal studies through a variety of different learning strategies such as practice questions, revisiting the main topics and working in teams. You will learn tips and tricks to maximise your marks, understand the intentions of the questions presented to you in exams and the essential skills required to answer the exam questions. 

We will cover each key knowledge and key skills as outlined in the study design including but not limited to: 

Unit 3: Rights and Justice

  • AOS1: The Criminal Justice System –> the principles of justice, key personnel, sanctions and reforms 
  • AOS2: The Civil Justice System –> dispute resolution methods, key personnel, remedies and reforms 

Unit 4: The people and the law 

  1. AOS1: The People & The Australian Constitution –> the role of parliament, the Constitution and the High Court 
  2. AOS2: The People, The Parliament & The Courts –> the effectiveness of parliament and court's law-making and law reform

We look forward to having you join us on Wednesday 22nd September 2021 10:00am-1:00pm

This session is designed to prepare students for Sections A and B on the Literature exam, with a specific focus on engaging and experimenting with language to achieve the highest scores possible.

Over three hours, we will examine literary perspectives and their application with prompts, discuss and examine language techniques before analysing high-scoring example essays and working context, authors, views and values into our analyses. 

By the end of the session, you will have developed strategies to structure the close analysis of language, combined analysis of textual techniques, examples of high-scoring essays, and concrete structures to unpacking prompts and perspectives.

This session is designed to cover the key points in the study design, demonstrate common questions and errors that appear in exams, as well as highlight useful tips and tricks to respond to questions and put yourself in the mind of the examiner!

Content covered:

  • AOS 1: Functions and Graphs
  • AOS 2: Algebra
  • AOS 3: Calculus
  • AOS 4: Probability and Statistics
  • Practice exam questions

By the end of the session, students would have reviewed the relevant course material pertaining to the study design, have been exposed to a range of exam-style problems, and addressed any concerns they may have through examples/questions regarding content and exam technique.

This Masterclass is designed to prepare you for your exam by thoroughly exploring and revising all contents in the study design and participating in interactive activities that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

Content covered:

  • Nervous system functioning and Stress as an example of a psychobiological process 
  • Neural basis of learning and memory as well as an explanation of the process of memory and the debate behind its reliability 
  • Models to explain learning 
  • Consciousness
  • Sleep, sleep disturbances and possible treatments 
  • Mental Health disorders and phobias 

+ Tips and Tricks to study smarter and how to break down a question

By the end of the session you will: 

  • Identify your strengths and weakness for a more efficient revision of concepts 
  • Know how to read and interpret questions to get full marks 
  • Have a better, more thorough understanding of concepts

Save the date: 22nd September 2021

See you all there!

This session is designed to help consolidate your knowledge on the sociological concepts and theories taught in Units 3&4. Moreover, you'll gain understanding of how to analyse and the skills required to approach representations from each area of study to best prepare you for the end of year exam.

All assessable Sociology content will be covered in the session, including: 

  • Australian Indigenous Culture
  • Ethnicity
  • Community
  • Social Movements. 

Utilising previous exams, this session will help guide your study to understand what definitions and statistics to memorise, pertinent for answering extended response questions. Furthermore, this session highlights the study design dot points that have been overlooked in previous exams that can be expected to be examined on the 2021 exam. 

With an intensive session, there will be engaging class discussion, questions and take-home practice representations to help best prepare you for analysing and critical thinking.

By the end of the session, you will:

  • Have confidence and knowledge of the exam layout and questions
  • Have successfully revised for all of the content in Units 3&4 within 3 hours
  • Know how to approach multiple types of representations in the exam
  • Have strengthened critical thinking skills surrounding case studies from each area of study

This session is designed to cover all the key points in the study design, demonstrate common questions and errors that appear in exams, as well as highlight useful tips and tricks to respond to questions and put yourself in the mind of the examiner

Content covered:

  • AOS 1: Functions and Graphs
  • AOS 2: Algebra
  • AOS 3: Calculus
  • AOS 4: Vectors
  • AOS 5: Mechanics
  • AOS 6: Probability and Statistics
  • Practice exam questions

By the end of the session, students would have reviewed the relevant course material pertaining to the study design, have been exposed to a range of exam-style problems, and addressed any concerns they may have through examples/questions regarding content and exam technique.


VCE Education Tutor


Further Maths

Adrian Ferdinand graduated from the Skyline Program and Keysborough Secondary College in 2011 and achieved an ATAR of 95.95 with a perfect score for Further Mathematics. He has been tutoring Further Mathematics for 10+ years and is extremely passionate about teaching and motivating students to achieve their full potential.


EAL & Psychology

Theano graduated from the Skyline Education Foundation program and South Oakleigh Secondary College in 2019 with an ATAR of 94.70. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Monash University. She is passionate about working with Children and Youth to make the future a better place and her goal is to pursue a career in Child Psychology. In her free time, she likes to travel and explore new places.



Holly is a first year student at The University of Melbourne, majoring in Computer Science. Despite the stark contrast between her tertiary studies and her role at Skyline Hatch, she is passionate about helping students realise their full potential and excel in English. It's Holly's goal to not only support and encourage students on their English studies, but also facilitate their engagement and appreciation of the big ideas explored in this subject!


Biology and Sociology

Liam graduated from Northern Bay College and the Skyline Foundation Program in 2020. He excelled at VCE Sociology and Biology, and welcomes you to both subjects for the 2021 Revision series. Being passionate about the subjects undertaken during his VCE, Liam plans to help students by passing on his knowledge on sociological concepts and theory, in addition to the fundamentals of cell biology and DNA. He expects to alleviate exam stress and provide confidence in all students attending.


Specialist Maths

Ngan is a tutor for Chemistry, Math Methods and Specialist Mathematics. She graduated from Skyline Education Foundation Program as well as Westall Secondary College in 2020. With a goal of becoming a paediatrician, she is currently studying Bachelor of Science and Biomedical Science at Monash University. With this role in Skyline Hatch, she is passionate about sharing her VCE experiences so that she is able to assist students to be fully prepared for their final exams.

VCE Education Tutor


Chemistry and Literature

Josh is a rural Victorian student who graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.85. He is currently studying his Bachelor of Medical Science / Doctor of Medicine at Monash University and has worked and volunteered with VCE students for the past two years. Josh hopes to work in fields involving mental health, and the health of rural and regional Australians, and is passionate about philosophy.



Susan graduated from Warrnambool College in 2018 with an ATAR of 97.70 and is now studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History, at the University of Melbourne. As the lead English tutor for Skyline Hatch, Susan strives to share her passion for English and the Humanities with students, not only to build the skills for obtaining high marks, but also to foster a love for learning itself.



Brigette graduated as dux of her school in 2018, with an ATAR of 99.75, finishing with a 47 in Economics. Due to her love for economics, Brigette is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics and Marketing at the University of Melbourne. Alongside her studies, Brigette works for TuteSmart to tutor VCE Economics, Biology and Chemistry, hoping to provide advice and inspiration for students completing their VCE studies.



Ethan graduated from Mazenod College with an ATAR of 99.65 and was accepted into Medical School at Monash University. Driven by his love for biology, Ethan achieved a raw score of 50 in this subject. He has been tutoring Biology and Methods since he graduated and is very excited to share his enthusiasm and provide support for students through the Skyline Foundation. In his spare time, Ethan explores his passion for music and plays guitar in a band with his friends from high school.


Business Management

Jasmine graduated with a 95.95 ATAR from Doncaster Secondary College in 2017, finishing with a 49 in Business Management. Hoping to one day help protect the environment and the climate, she is currently studying a Bachelor of Agriculture at the University of Melbourne, majoring in agricultural economics.


Further Maths

Alice graduated from Caulfield Grammar School in 2018 with an ATAR of 98.85. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Physiology, at the University of Melbourne with a goal to pursue a career in Medicine. As a Further Maths Tutor at Skyline Hatch, Alice hopes to help her students grow more passionate about Maths, and further their understanding in mathematical concepts that are beneficial beyond the classroom.


Maths Methods & Specialist Maths

Peshala graduated from Melbourne Grammar School in 2020 with an ATAR of 99.70. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne, and is also attending Trinity College. He is interested in pursuing a career in medical research and pharmacology, following his interests in his favourite sports basketball and football, as well as helping and working with students through the trials of VCE.


Maths Methods

Saskia is a Maths Methods Tutor for Skyline. She just graduated from year 12 last year and she is currently studying Science/Engineering at Monash University. She is passionate about helping students improve their confidence and understanding of methods content in order to achieve their best in the subject! Outside of Uni and Skyline, Saskia loves to play sport including basketball and netball which she used to play both with her old school friends and Monash. She also loves going camping and 4wding with her family and family friends.


Legal Studies

Molly is a Legal Studies tutor who is currently studying History and English at the University of Melbourne. She describes herself as extremely passionate about Legal Studies and the humanities, so she is very excited to be involved this year in Skyline Hatch’s VCE Exam Revision Series.


Legal Studies

Roghayeh graduated as the dux of Northern Bay College and completed the Skyline program in 2019. Currently, she is studying a Bachelor of Law and Commerce with the goal of pursuing a career in law. She is passionate about the Criminal Justice System, Social Justice and Human Rights Law. Roghayeh is a Project Coordinator at Skyline Hatch and an assistant tutor for Legal Studies. As a previous Alumni Well-being Facilitator at Skyline, she hopes to continue to support students to perform to the best of their ability and to feel confident. She is also a member of Centre for Multicultural Youth where she is able to fully embrace herself, advocate for what’s most important to her and celebrate diversity.

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