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Newsletter - September 2021



Eleanor Wetenhall, A VCE Student, has launched a greetings cards business, Equal Measure, with all proceeds going towards helping educate girls through secondary school. Skyline Foundation is Equal Measure’s first partner, with a goal of supporting two girls through year eleven and twelve. 

So, please visit and buy these wonderful cards as another way to support Skyline and help speed up gender equality through education!


Congratulations to Skyline CEO Jane Sydenham-Clarke for being featured in the Galvin Rowley Executive Interview Series!

As Skyline continues to strive in the digital transformation piece, Skyline Supporter, Galvin Rowley Executive had the opportunity to interview Jane about her rise to success and what inspires her to continue delivering game-changing results as CEO of Skyline.

To read the full Executive Interview click here!


Ready to get out of lockdown and back into shape? Enter Sweat for Skyline!!

For two years Skyline Alumni have led us in raising funds for future places in the Skyline Program. Gathering up fellow Alumni, Staff, Directors and Supporters, last year Sweat for Skyline raised over $20,000 to support our Students!

This year the Alumni are again asking us to Sweat For Skyline: Sign up, select a personal exercise goal and ask your friends, family and colleagues to join us!

You can do so in lockdown in and around your home – or use your precious exercise hour wisely and support at the same time Skyline Students! 

Visit our fundraising website to sign up!


Hold the date!

2pm Saturday 27 November 2021 – hopefully in the Deakin Edge at Federation Square or Online (subject to restrictions).. details TBC!

Another inspirational ceremony is in the making – don’t miss out!



We are delighted with record levels of engagement, with over 30 Schools nominating in excess of 220 resilient high-ability Year 10 Students for consideration to join the Skyline Community in 2022. One hundred and fourteen interviews have now concluded and the process of determining our Year 11 inductees is almost complete!

Leader in Residence – Education

This month, Dr Elizabeth Hartnell-Young as Leader in Residence – Education shares her thoughts on:

Recognising giftedness and challenging the stereotypes
Dr Elizabeth Hartnell-Young

Identifying and selecting students for the Skyline program is a sophisticated process as high ability, gifted and talented students display their talents in different ways.

Some are perfectionists, high achievers, and present confidently. Others might feel they are imposters or even deny their strengths. Socialisation and stereotypes, rather than innate characteristics, often lead to this situation. You can read the full article HERE.

Insights from the desk of Program Operations Coordinator Nancy Polykandritis

What have we learnt  from the Class of 2021? On January 13, 2020, fifty-two Year 11 Students attended their first Skyline Masterclass at Trinity College. The Residential as we like to call it gave these high ability Students an opportunity to stay on campus for three nights with a focus on learning more about themselves, learning about one another and discovering what it’s like to be a Skyliner.

Fast forward six lockdowns and over 150 days of remote learning, these same Students are preparing for their Year 12 exams.

The pandemic saw Skyline pivot to the successful delivery of an online version of the Program. Despite the fatigue from long school days of remote learning, we saw this group of Skyliners attend online Masterclasses during their school holidays and engage more than ever with one another and Skyline. You can read the full article HERE.


Skyline Hatch VCE Exam Revision Series in Partnership with UBS – September 20 to 24

Thanks to the amazing support from UBS in 2021, Skyline is able to provide another engaging and inspirational Exam Revision Series for the benefit of all VCE students. Thanks to the generosity of UBS, we are thrilled to be able to provide free access to the Exam Revision Series to all VCE Students who attend our partner government schools.
The five-day Exam Revision Series is designed to help students walk into exams with confidence. Led by high-achieving tutors including Skyline Alumni and their peers, each session will provide all the exam information that students need, including exam strategies, practice questions and more. 

Skyline Hatch will offer lectures for the most popular Year 12 subjects including English, EAL, Further Maths, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Literature, Business Management and Economics.  Make sure you share this amazing opportunity with VCE Students who would benefit.

“The tutor was engaging and fun the entire session which helped me to stay focused the whole way through.” (2020 Exam Revision Series Student, English)
To register or to find out more go to or email
About Hatch
Skyline’s social enterprise, Hatch, leverages over 15 years’ proven track record in Skyline delivering academic and wellbeing support to optimise outcomes for VCE Students. 

Hatch offers Exam Revision, SAC/GAT masterclasses, tutoring, coaching, personal development and mindset programs that support Teachers to deliver more for their Students. Our Team includes extraordinary Skyline Alumni and leading wellbeing educators. 

All Hatch profits are returned to Skyline Education Foundation Australia to fund more Students to join Skyline’s unique two-year VCE Program. Sign up for Hatch Services HERE!


Our final Alumni Team Meeting of the year was a wonderful showcase of all of the immense achievements in the community this year. Jasmin, from the Class of 2011 and current Board Member, shared the Alumni Community Strategy Update and the immense work she has done there. Shehelah, from the Class of 2018, shared the Alumni-driven work on the Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

Our outstanding Youth Parliament team was present and they shared about their experience and the Bill that they created. And our SALT leaders shared the wonderful projects they are driving in their Skyline Alumni Leadership Team portfolios. It was so inspiring to hear about all of this activity in the Alumni community.


Another extraordinary accolade for one of our amazing Alumni. Congratulations to the wonderful Shehelah Ousman for being chosen as the 2021 Youth Premier!



We are hugely grateful to our generous supporters at Lander and Rogers – not only supporting our aspiring lawyers in work experience, mentorships and internships but also with their Team members directly stepping forward to support Skyline Students facing critical housing and food security challenges in the depth of the pandemic.  

Thank you Lander and Rogers – your Team are extraordinary leaders – we are grateful for your kindness and responsiveness – making a visceral impact for our resilient high ability Students in times of acute vulnerability.

Thanks again to our generous donors Skyline has supported 399 Students to date with a 94% retention rate. Today we have approximately 260 Alumni and 132 Students in our transformational VCE Program!

We extend immense appreciation to our generous partners:

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