Skyline E-News | October 2021 – Focus on Students

Newsletter - October 2021


As we approach the end of the extraordinary year that was, we especially wrap around our brilliant Students – our leaders of the future!

It is with great pleasure that we share a window into the life of just one of our incredible Students with such immense potential to make a huge difference in our world. Introducing, thanks to the wonderful pen of Melanie Sheppard – our brilliant Hoangan Nguyen – who we lovingly call Danny – enjoy!   

Read Danny's amazing story here.

Leader in Residence – Education

This month, Dr Elizabeth Hartnell-Young as Leader in Residence – Education shares her thoughts on:

Networking: why both weak and strong ties are important

The ‘Skyline Family’ is made up of people with strong ties, creating a supportive group. In contrast, weak ties are people you don’t know well, those who can connect you to other affinity groups, such as employers, artists, politicians and sporting clubs. 

Within a network of strong ties, people with weak ties outside the core network provide ‘bridges' to other networks. You can read the full article HERE.

Insights from the desk of Program Manager David Parncutt

David ParncuttAs David co-leads, along with Rachel Curtis, the Skyline Program this year, this month he shares insights from his role.

What impact has remote learning had on Skyline Students?

Just as the pandemic has impacted the world differently, remote learning – and the numerous shifts in and out of lockdown have impacted students differently.

In my role as Program Manager at Skyline, I work with 60 Students and over a dozen Schools across Victoria and it has been interesting to see how different Students have responded to the changes thrown up by the pandemic.

The Students that have struggled during remote learning have dealt with similar issues. You can read about how students have responded and the issues they've faced HERE.

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