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Newsletter - May 2021


Skyline Hatch has some inspiring online learning experiences coming up for VCE students ahead of the General Achievement Test on 9th June. Join our GAT Preparation Masterclass on Wednesday 26th May to learn what to expect during the GAT and how to best approach it. Students will work through practice questions and receive tips and tricks from experienced tutors who aced the GAT. Watch a short video introduction from our tutors here.

Pair this with Stress Hack presented by Leah Davison on Thursday 3rd June to maximise your GAT preparation. You can purchase both sessions for only $49… a saving of $20. Don’t forget, Hatch also offers weekly tutoring classes and you can sign up for an obligation-free trial session!

By signing up to a Skyline Hatch VCE class you’re not only enhancing your own learning; as a social enterprise, surplus generated through Hatch enables Skyline Education Foundation to support more students in Skyline’s two-year, life-changing VCE program.  To find out more about and book Hatch services go to   


It has been such a joy to deliver the Skyline Hatch EQ service STRESS HACK to students across Victoria as they prepare for tests and exams. For some, stress can debilitate when working under pressure and can cause us to perform poorly, feel terrible, and eventually lead to serious health problems.

STRESS HACK provides science-backed strategies for regulating stress to use in the moment so that it doesn’t escalate to panic in important situations throughout life—including interviews, auditions and public speaking. Our feedback shows that students’ confidence raises an average of 60% after attending this 90-minute session.  Click here to register now!

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