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Newsletter - June 2021


At Skyline Hatch, we understand that VCE students’ needs are complex. There isn’t one path towards success that suits everyone. We also believe that VCE success isn’t about marks alone—it’s about cultivating a passion for learning and gaining skills that will help students navigate the world after graduation. That’s why Hatch offers a uniquely comprehensive program of tutoring, master classes, workshops and resources that develop both academic ability and emotional intelligence.

Like our recent GAT Hack bundle that featured our GAT Preparation masterclass and Stress Hack, an interactive, online workshop delivered by Leah Davidson that teaches young people how to stay clear and calm and avoid panic in stressful situations.

Click here to find out how Stress Hack helped VCE student, Ruby overcome stressful situations like tests and SACs.

To sign up or to find out more about Hatch services and how we’re making a difference by enabling more Students to take part in Skyline’s transformational two-year VCE program click here or contact us at

You can also click here to listen to Roger Page, Principal of Nossal High School, share his thoughts on Skyline Hatch.

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