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Newsletter - June 2021


Calling for 2022 Skyline Student Nominations!

Our Student application process for the 2022 intake has begun. Last week we contacted our 25 existing Partner Schools and inviting several new Schools to nominate students. Here is a message from Roger Page, Principal of Nossal High School, encouraging new schools to join Skyline.

We are looking to accept up to 82 Students to achieve a record-high Skyline cohort of over 160 Students. We encourage all our existing Students and Companion Teachers to identify current Year 10 Students who could join the Skyline family next year. Alumnus Steven Banh has created a video to provide Year 10 students with some understanding of the benefits Skyline will bring.

Thank you Skyline!

Lachie from Mansfield has chosen a different pathway to his career of choice. In the middle of last year Lachie left Mansfield Secondary College to pursue a cookery apprenticeship while completing a VCAL program. 

We are thrilled by his progress and asked Lachie to share his story: 

This time last year I was extremely unhappy: I didn't like school, learning about subjects I had no interest in, all while knowing exactly what I wanted to pursue.

Skyline helped me with my departure from school and made sure I was going in the right direction.

I’ve started an apprenticeship in commercial cookery while also completing VCAL at The Indie School. I feel like I’m making progress in the job as I have already progressed from only doing the dishes to now doing food preparation in a kitchen run by a highly regarded business owner and chef.

Through the help of Skyline I have met some amazing people in my field, including local chef Megan Knapp, who is such a great mentor and I have learned so much from her. After completing my apprenticeship, my goal is to run my own business. I am finally doing what I want in life and Skyline's help in this pathway has been invaluable.

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