Skyline E-News | 2021 – Skyline’s Impact

Newsletter - February 2021



Despite the challenges 2020 threw at us – independent evaluation from I+J Management Services found that on average, in 2020 Students responses were even higher than from previous cohorts. That is, the proportion of students who rated Skyline Program components as having a ‘great’ or ‘large’ influence on the VCE experience was higher than in any of the past surveys.

Anecdotal survey feedback suggests that this is probably due to Skyline providing a point of stability and targeted support in what was otherwise a very challenging year. It is likely that the value of Skyline was more evident to students in 2020 when, having spent much of their school life coming from a point of  relative disadvantage, they actually had the benefit of a supportive network around them as other students in their school had some of their usual supports stripped away due to COVID. (Extract 2020 Skyline Evaluation Update, February 2021).

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