Skyline E-News | 2021 – Look What’s About To Hatch!

Newsletter - January 2021



Despite COVID-19 with immense challenges to be overcome for our students, Think Impact’s social return on investment evaluation found that for every dollar invested, $13.20 in social and economic value was returned – and had we not so radically adapted, value would have plummeted to only $3. See the insightful report here called Growing Value in Uncertain Times.

In line with our sustainable growth plans, a six month trial has been approved for Skyline’s our newest innovation and social enterprise – Skyline Hatch! The aim here is to employ our gifted and talented Alumni, their peers and trusted colleagues in meaningful work as tutors, coaches and role models to deliver IQ and EQ services at a fee, to VCE students broadly, and to return surplus to enabling more students in our transformational two year VCE Skyline Program.

We are delighted to announce Sally Watts has been appointed as General Manager Skyline Hatch, with Alumni Adrian FerdinandTheano Salta and Gypsy Akhyar, Joshua Strauss and Susan Malikoff already engaged to develop our tutoring and revision IQ services, along with Leah Davidson who will be delivering a range of EQ services.



We are thrilled to announce an incredibly positive year of ATAR results with our 50 Students successfully completed VCE and 49 receiving an ATAR over 50. Congratulations everyone! We are now working with Students as they review their preferences and plan their 2021 pathway.

Many of our Students achieved the score needed for their desired pathway and the class of 2020 will be studying at tertiary level in almost every field imaginable including law, nutritional science, humanities and arts.

We had a number of outstanding students including Holly Wu who graduated from Melbourne Girls College with an ATAR of 97.40. Holly’s results are enough to earn her a place in the Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne.

When congratulated on her results Holly said, “I'd like to express my gratitude for Skyline's hard work in propelling the program forward through COVID, providing careers guidance to us, organising our SEAS applications and much more! I wouldn't be here without you!”

Holly is already giving back to the Skyline community by joining next week’s virtual Residential Program as a mentor to Year 11 Students.


While COVID is preventing us from hosting a residential program this month, next week we are delivering a week-long virtual experience to our 134 Skyline students.
As their first experience in the Skyline Program, our largest ever cohort of 82 Year 11 students will be welcomed into the Skyline family through a series of sessions delivered by both our Program staff and world class partner educators. Our 50 Year 12 students will continue their journey through the Skyline Program, spending a day engaging with the Year 11 Students in a unique Skyline McWhirter Conference, as well as taking time to prepare for the exciting year ahead.
We’re thrilled that eight Skyline Alumni will be joining the Program as mentors to the students, providing them with a role model to ease their transition into VCE. Making use of a number of online platforms, our students will get to know each other and be encouraged to develop aspirations for their life after VCE.



Elected co-leaders Adrian Ferdinand and Shehelah Dassenaike are calling for expressions of interest from Skyline Alumni interested in nominating for a voluntary and elected co-leadership position of the Skyline community, as Adrian plans for succession given his focus as a Project Manager with Skyline Hatch. If you are interested in nominating to become an elected leader, please contact Leah by COB 25 January 2021.


It is such a wonderful sign when our Alumni want to participate in creating the program that made such a difference to them. These eight wonderful people are our Mentors for the Residential Program next week and they will be supporting the year 12s on Thursday and then our new Year 11s as they learn for the first time what Skyline is all about.
What a beautiful opportunity to pay it forward and role model for our new students what’s possible in this program and what’s possible for themselves.
When they connect with Gypsy, Roghayeh, Shehelah, Petual, Hayden, Holly, Jasmine and Heba they will be blown away by their confidence, their strength, their compassion and their care. And the mentors will take their leadership and self-awareness to the next level by stepping up to this opportunity, an invaluable experience that is also providing meaningful work. It’s so wonderful to see the program grow!


We are so enormously grateful for our supporters – without you we are unable to continue our critical work.

Thanks again to our incredible donors we are welcoming the largest ever Skyline cohort of inductees this year. With immense appreciation to the Bank of Melbourne Foundation an additional ninety students will be empowered through Skyline over the coming three years. Extraordinary! Check out the Dandenong Star announcement showcasing Michaela and our Dandenong High School incoming Students.

Particularly we are beyond delighted that The Anthony Costa Foundation has determined to support Students and Alumni in the Geelong region over an incredible three year term – our heartfelt appreciation to all at the Anthony Costa Foundation.

We are so proud that the Erdi Foundation, Wood Family Foundation through ShineWing and Kelvin and Chloe Barry from our UBS family have generously stepped forward to invest in seeding our Social Enterprise – Skyline Hatch.

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