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Newsletter - February 2021



One of the things that has become increasingly important to our Alumni community is how diversity and inclusion have been expressed in our organisation at every level. 2020 brought a new level of purpose with the global Black Lives Matter movement and our Alumni have had the courage to speak up about where they see the gaps in our diversity and inclusion.

With an inaugural Alumni Leadership Team, being elected at this month’s Alumni Team Meeting, we are excited to be part of this bigger discussion led by our proactive Alumni community. After dedicated time for discussion and planning amongst the Alumni, we will then gather for an externally facilitated deep-dive into the issues and commitments arising.

It has been inspiring to be part of a Team which has responded so quickly and has made filling this gap part of our intention for 2021 and we are excited for the progress possible with such forward thinking Alumni. See here a message from our CEO Jane Sydenham-Clarke prior to our conversations.


Our weekly online gatherings resume this week on Zoom! We have an awesome 6 week series we are doing DiSC! With the support of Leah, an internationally accredited DiSC® assessor we are able to benefit from this personal assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

We find that it has even more extraordinary impact on our ability to understand who we are, and what pathway really suits us and why. It is fundamental that we help people find work they genuinely love, work that is truly meaningful. And we’re doing it at CONNECT in term 1! 

Join us! It's free and it's awesome! Watch this video for more info about DiSC
For more information on Skyline Connect Live contact us here.


Gratitude is extended to our supporters – without you we are unable to continue our critical work.

Thanks again to our amazing donors 
Skyline has supported 399 Students to date with a 94% retention rate. Today we have approximately 260 Alumni and 134 Students in our transformational VCE Program!

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Thank you to our generous Skyline Board of Directors who so open heartedly give to enable us to thrive!

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