Skyline E-News | 2021 – April Focus on Students

Newsletter - April 2021


We are honoured to have so many gifted and talented exemplars in the Skyline Program. It gives us great pleasure to share just a glimpse of some of our amazing students.

Kristy C. – Year 12 Student, Keysborough Secondary College
Kristy applied to the Skyline Program to prove to herself that she had the abilities to succeed in VCE. She is a high achiever, and this year was selected as Student Voice Captain for Keysborough Secondary College!

Being a leader means boosting fellow young leaders’ confidence and working with them to enhance their skills – Kristy C.

Kristy says “being a leader means boosting fellow young leaders’ confidence and working with them to enhance their skills”. Over the past few months, has planned and coordinated events that unite her entire school community.

Kristy recalls some of the most ‘iconic events’ which united her school were Valentine's Day and Harmony Day. “What I love about my role is not only does it allow me to work with teachers and students to improve their experience at school, but I also get to give back to my community in countless ways“.

Elijah S. – Year 12 Student, Carrum Downs Secondary College
Elijah is one of our Students lucky enough to be born with instant recall memory.

What he knows is encyclopedic! This factor alone would make Elijah first choice on your team in a trivia quiz, particularly one on history.

This year Elijah is studying legal studies, business management, English literature, and history (Chinese and Russian Revolutions). Asked whether he has any issues with answering exam questions, Elijah says not, “If anything, I’m told I provide too much information.

In future Elijah would like to study law, potentially commercial or constitutional law.  To this end, our good friends at law firm Lander & Rogers will organise an opportunity for Elijah to spend a day in the office and shadow young graduates.


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