At the 10th Anniversary Chairman’s Reception on May 26th it was formerly announced that Skyline has ambitious Expansion Plans both in Melbourne and the Geelong region, so that we can offer more Skyline Bursaries than ever before to help more talented but disadvantaged students.

The facts below will put this expansion plan into context.

23{3a793fae214eb8236547ebf61efdcd014748a6c24cc11359b925cbd85e30154b} of Victorian 19 year olds have not completed year 12 or an equivalent

40{3a793fae214eb8236547ebf61efdcd014748a6c24cc11359b925cbd85e30154b} of Australia’s poorest 19 year olds leave school early

Skyline Student facts

100{3a793fae214eb8236547ebf61efdcd014748a6c24cc11359b925cbd85e30154b} graduated with an average ATAR of 82 in 2015
100{3a793fae214eb8236547ebf61efdcd014748a6c24cc11359b925cbd85e30154b} of 2015 students received offers to attend university in their chosen study field
$11,500 VCE Bursary Program cost per student

We are a not for profit organisation receiving NO government funding.

And so we have launched our Skyline Expansion Appeal as we need your help in our 10th anniversary year to offer more VCE Bursaries than ever before.

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