The September student workshops continued to focus on the theme of transitions.  For the Year 12 students this was their final opportunity to discuss course selections and career choices with our Program Manager, Olwyn Gray, and career advisor from the CEAV, Briony Penrose.

The Year 11 students focused on preparing for the year ahead, which included discussions around subject choices for Year 12.  In Melbourne, the current Year 12 students attended the Year 11 workshop to discuss the year ahead, what has worked for them, what lessons they have learned and how Skyline has supported them.  This was an extremely valuable experience for our Year 11s.

In Geelong, students focused on updating their CV, employability, essential skills and entrepreneurship.  They also received a visit from reporter, Olivia Shying from the Geelong Advertiser, who did an impromptu interview session with students.

Graduating students have reflected on their time in the Skyline program;

“I am incredibly grateful for Olwyn and Skyline recognising me and giving me a feeling of self-worth”

 “I’m so thankful for all the unique and wonderful people I’ve met along the way”

 “Not only can I say that Skyline has changed my life, but it is one of the best experiences in my life.  Through the networks I have been introduced to, I believe I am surrounded by many people who support me”

 “The support network and Skyline family that I have made has been a memorable experience and I know that this support will continue for many years.  Skyline has boosted my confidence and ability to do things no other place could teach such as networking and demonstrating my vulnerability”

 “Before I began Skyline, I was questioning my life ambitions…I now believe that I have the whole world in my hands, through your support and guidance”

 “Having a program that sincerely believes in me has given me the confidence and motivation to work hard and develop the mindset that anything can be achieved”

 “This experience has given me proof that being disadvantaged does not mean there is a limit to what I can achieve”

 “My general outlook on life is significantly more positive”

 “The responsibility for getting myself to the workshops has improved my ability to live independently”