With Skyline now running two programs, two residential camps were held for Skyline students in Term One.  The first camp, for our Melbourne-based students, was once again held at Merricks Lodge on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.  Two weeks later, our Geelong students got their first taste of the Skyline program at their camp at Cottage By the Sea in Queenscliff.

The focus for both camps was on making successful transitions.  Students took part in extensive career and planning activities run by Skyline’s Program staff together with the Career Education Association of Victoria.  The focus of the residential camps is to go beyond these activities by allowing students to increase their social skills and networks; and as such are always a highlight of the Skyline program.

Both camps were fortunate to secure excellent guest speakers who challenged the students way of thinking and broadened their horizons.  Author and media commentator, Margie Warrell, spoke to the Melbourne students on the topic of Brave Conversations; while Georgina Banks, Director of Changeable Consulting who specialises in behavioural change, communicating with impact and leadership development, was in Geelong.

At the conclusion of the camps students were asked “What are the most useful things you have learned from this camp?”, below is a selection of responses:

  • Building my teamwork skills and also building a portfolio
  • That we have a lot of support and we have so many options
  • To realise my own strengths and weaknesses. Also that it is great to come out of your comfort zone to see what kind of potential is out there
  • Follow your dreams

And to the request “Please tell us in a few words about your life goals”:

  • To be happy with my life and with my decisions. The program allowed me to discover how and why I should pursue them
  • I want to make a difference to the world and make new discoveries and this program helps with improving general skills that will help in the long run