Tariq Ismat
Tariq Ismat, Residential Program Student Mentor

We have been so grateful to Tariq as one of our Residential Program Student Mentors.

As a vegan, Tariq is very passionate about the environment and spreading awareness about the disastrous impacts the animal agriculture industry has on the planet.

Having graduated from Newcomb Secondary College, he is planning to continue to work to save up funds to be able to move and go to university in 2021. Although he is currently working at Coles, he is hoping to change jobs to a role in hospitality as his ambitions lie in becoming a midwife.

Tariq experienced “a fair few challenges” during Year 12, the greatest of which was being forced to move out from living with his parents.

He views the Skyline community as a family and “will always cherish” the connections he made throughout the various Skyline programs and masterclasses. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, going out for walks, reading and spending time with his friends.

He is motivated by his friends and his own “ability to make a difference” and hoping to achieve his goal of moving to Sydney this year.