Asja Svilans
Asja Svilans, Skyline Hatch Digital Manager

Asja is driven by real change happening in front of her eyes and is continually inspired by the humans that experience a transformation and witnessing how that plays out in their life going forward. 

This has led Asja to have a professional career that has woven the concepts of profit-for-purpose and social enterprise through her strategic and operational roles spanning the wellness/health, higher education, and not-for-profit arenas. Each role has had a central tenet of increasing opportunity through reducing barriers that are contributing to an individual’s experience of social inequality.

Most recently the role of technology in creating both exceptional experience for individuals, as well as sustainable and scalable solutions to support more impact, has captured her attention. 

Asja looks forward to her role is supporting the Hatch team to continue to thrive and exceed its goals in facilitating real change for more young Victorians through its educational support offerings and experience.