Thaw Thaw N.
Thaw Thaw N., Skyline Class of 2021

Thaw Thaw, a recent graduate from Norther Bay College, joined Skyline, believing the program to be a great opportunity for students like her to receive help in paving their future and gain self-confidence.

Since joining, Thaw Thaw has enjoyed the Masterclasses where she is able to learn from other students’ views. She has also found herself to become more confident and open when communicating with others.

In 2020, the pandemic was challenging for Thaw Thaw but she decided to find it as an opportunity to reflect on herself, especially through attending the youth group at a church. She feels really proud of herself and everyone alike, for being able to grow from difficult times.

In the future, she looks forward to exploring the “bigger world”, becoming more independent and continue helping people in need to positively “contribute to changing the world”