Tess G., Skyline Class of 2022

Tess, a Year 11 student from Kyneton High School, has found herself struggling when around others, unable to undertake basic activities and losing many opportunities. However, she applied for the Skyline Program, actively seeking out these opportunities that allow her to strive in her studies, regardless of the mental health issues she has faced.

She is studying English, General Maths, Studio Art, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology, and is most passionate about the sciences that can related to the fictional or artistic world. Tess finds inspiration from celebrities such as Hedy Lammarr, who was an actress known for her looks, yet was also a scientist who helped design streamlined planes.

In 2021, she hopes to find more confidence in herself, do well in all her classes and hence, benefit her future. When Tess needs a “break from reality” she finds herself reading books and listening to music as it gives her the “energy to keep moving forward in reality”.