Priyanka V
Priyanka C., Skyline Class of 2011

Priyanka's move to Australia from India in 2007 proved more challenging than planned. Times were tough, and while her parents were educated, they were unable to find work within their fields. While Priyanka’s mother found a job to support their family, it was just not enough to make ends meet. With the encouragement of her VCE coordinator, Priyanka applied for the Skyline Program, and achieved a strong VCE result, graduating from secondary school in 2011. She was also accepted in the Professor Kwong Lee Dow scholar program, which helped secure a position at the University of Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Science. She went on to further study a Masters in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Melbourne. Priyanka actively contributes to Skyline’s development, including her appointment as co-leader of the Skyline Alumni community. Having seeded her career, Priyanka now works in Canberra, in the Department of Agriculture as a Policy Officer for the Aquatic Pest and Health Policy Section.