Mukul R.
Mukul R., Skyline Class of 2015

Mukul joined Skyline as a student in 2014 at South Oakleigh Secondary College.  It was Mukul’s teacher who talked about the Skyline Program with him and he instantly knew he really wanted to be a part of the program not only because it would assist the family financially but also in other facets of life. 

During the two years of being a Skyline student, Mukul became the School Capital and DUX of his school in Year 12. After successfully completing VCE, Mukul secured a place at Monash University to study Bachelor of Laws/Commerce majoring in Finance.

He is currently in his penultimate year and is an active member of Skyline Alumni as well as other youth organisations where he regularly facilitates youth discussion meetings with the objective of empowering young voices in society.

Mukul feels that the most important gifts he received from Skyline were a sense of belonging, emotional support and many essential life skills through workshops which were held on a regular basis.

Being a part of Skyline gave me a sense of belonging and privilege. I am very fortunate to be a part of high achievers who all have great talents and aspirations in their chosen fields of study”.