Muhab R
Muhab R., Skyline Class of 2018

An except from his speech at the Skyline 2018 Graduation:

We don’t all have equal opportunities, but even the biggest complainers among us cannot doubt that we all have opportunity to become more than we currently are, we all have the opportunity to be and do better than we did yesterday. Skyline has played a vital role in the class of 2018’s lives in becoming the best person we can be, being a part of an amazing group of people who strive for excellence in school but also give back to the community outside school made me feel honoured to be amidst such people.

Though your generosity has given much to us, we all tend to give much back to the community, some in taxes but mostly with our hearts. The number one key element that I’ve taken from being a part of the Skyline Foundation is that there is always opportunity out there, you’ve just got to search for it in the right place. No matter the situation or hardship you are currently experiencing in life, there are people there to support you and push you through it. One stick can break easily when alone but when that one stick is bunched together with other similar sticks, it can no longer break easily. This is what Skyline in essence has produced, a strong group that is held together by a sincere friendship tied together with the commonality of Skyline.