Kathy C.
Kathy C., Skyline Class of 2019

Kathy has what she calls “a strange passion” for finance and has began her double degree in Business and Marketing at Monash University after graduating from Braybrook College. She has had to overcome difficulties regarding her family and friendships but is always passionate about making her mother proud and giving back to those who raised her.

The Skyline Foundation has provided Kathy with a second family who she “can rely on without afraid of being judged”. She enjoyed participating in the residential programs and making new connections through the fun activities such as bubble soccer. She says the Skyline Program “taught me the importance of networking” and spends her spare time meeting up with her friends to keep strong bonds.

Living by the motto of “Carpe diem”, Kathy has always worked hard to achieve her goals. She is motivated by her strive to succeed and sees a bright future ahead of herself.