Jessica W.
Jessica W., Skyline Class of 2022

5 years ago, Jessica, a student from Alexandra Secondary College was her own worst enemy. She was  extremely critical on her looks, weight, choices and how smart she was. It was not until she decided to take herself out of all the issues she had going on at home, that she was able to embrace herself.

Jessica applied for the Skyline Program as a “wonderful way to discover” and be supported on her future journey, make new friends and learn more about herself. In 2021, she hopes to achieve a better study schedule and achieve more confidence. Jessica finds inspiration and motivation from her father who has an amazing work ethic and her stepmother, as well, who always gives everything shot and thinks positively.

Music is Jessica’s passion, and she is most proud of how far she has come, coming out of her comfort zone and getting the lead role in a production.