Jacob K.
Jacob K., Skyline Class of 2019

Jacob is fuelled by movies, especially the works of acclaimed directors of Neill Blomkamp and Edgar Wright “who both capture to me the pinnacle of visual effects and comedy movies”. He completed his Year 12 studies at Newcomb Secondary College and is currently working on making short films to expand his film career and portfolio in preparation for university.

He is most proud of his VCE achievement award for his performance and final product in Media. He continues to overcome the challenge of balancing his passion for film with his studies and is very much looking forward to putting his “entire attention towards my craft”. He finds “absolutely pleasure in turning my ideas into visuals for audiences to enjoy” and is constantly motivated by the emotional reactions that others have had to his films.

The Skyline Program helped ensure that Jacob was ready for his final exams and allowed him to make meaningful connections that have “helped me on my path tremendously”. It provided him with valuable opportunities and experience, as well as a family that will always support him. In 2020, he has utilised all his knowledge and skills in 2D animation, 3D animation and continues to edit and produce a new short film that will showcase his potential and talent in film industry.