Han Anh V.
Han Anh (Emily) V., Skyline Class of 2020

Emily successfully finished Literature ¾ and Further Maths ¾ during her Year 11 studies and has undertaken Legal Studies, Business Management, English, Economics for her VCE at Lyndale Secondary College, as well as Deakin Univeristy Extension Law.

She has overcome major milestones in living with depression and anxiety where she would question her self-worth at a very young age.

The lessons she learnt “turned me into the mature, empathetic person that I am” today and gave her the motivation to keep working to find her purpose and personal value. She is interested in the performing arts, singing and dancing in her spare time and has been involved with school musicals and performances.

The Skyline Program has given Emily and her family financial support as well as helping her to develop her interpersonal skills and make new connections with like-minded peers.