Hamish C.
Hamish C., Skyline Class of 2019

When meeting Hamish for the first time, two things are clear: that he is an incredibly bright young man and that he is exceptionally passionate about dinosaurs. 2020 has seen the aspiring palaeontologist from Kyneton Secondary College taking the leap and moving out to Geelong on his own to study a Bachelor of Science at Deakin University.

The Skyline Program has seen him grow into his own person and providing with a “true community”, filled with “so much kindness and generosity”. He credits his father’s “resolve and kindness” and his local country community where neighbours, friends and family who selflessly worked together in the aftermath of the Black Saturday Bushfires, as his driving inspiration.

Although he has had to deal with his own anxieties and self-doubt, he has learnt valuable life lessons and leadership skills following his involvement with the Skyline Education Foundation and the Victorian Young Leaders to China program, where he stayed overseas for nine weeks.