Genaya R.
Genaya R., Skyline Class of 2022

When she was 8, Genaya, a student from Geelong High School, and her family left her father who they didn’t have a healthy relationship with. Genaya had a hard time trying to find her passions, being kind to her friends, managing her stress and of course, going to school. However, from the times she grieved and became a lost child, she was able to grow, pull herself out of a very dark place and push through for herself, her family, her friends.

Applying to Skyline means that Genaya can have the extra support to successfully complete high school, as well as providing new opportunities for her to reach her true potential.

Genaya is passionate about learning how the world changes and the arts which she believes is a universal language connecting everyone. She finds inspiration by those around her and also celebrities who she believes at the end of the day, are just normal people who also struggle.