Emma L.
Emma L., Skyline Class of 2021

Lu is a recent graduate from Brunswick Secondary College. She admits to not thinking that she would be picked to be involved with the Skyline Foundation but feels grateful for the immense support Skyline has given. Skyline has helped broaden her mindset and increase her confidence in “doing VCE and doing it well”.

Lu has had to overcome financial and mental health challenges after the passing of her mother and becoming homeless. She felt like there was “no place where I felt safe and comfortable as school and home had become overwhelming for me”.

Despite her struggles, she is incredibly proud of being able to complete Year 12 and she looks forward to specializing in something she is passionate about at university. She loves to express herself on stage and feels “most at home in front of an audience”, especially when making music and performing with her band. This year, she hopes to find the perfect course for her and figure out what her “next step” will be.