Beena L
Beena L., Skyline Class of 2019

Beena was determined to achieve her best for herself and her family, especially her parents who are “the hardest working people I know”, after she migrated from Afghanistan and faced the challenges of settling into a new country.

She completed Year 12 at Lyndale Secondary College and plans to study nursing at university in 2020 to eventually become a cosmetic nurse with her own clinic.

On top of studying and figuring out what she wanted to do after Year 12, she started work at Kmart to financially assist her parents.

Skyline provided with her and her family with the necessary resources and support that allowed her to successful complete her VCE journey. She “absolutely loved” the residential camp where she was able to meet many new people and hear their stories, make lifelong friends and listen to inspirational speakers, which was “extremely inspiration and motivating” for her.

In her spare time, she enjoys watching AFL, reading and spending time with her family. She is passionate about helping others, from donating to charity to just giving someone a chance to tell their story.

She advocates for equality in third world countries and is especially passionate about giving young girls and women to have the same rights as men and the opportunities to go to study, have a job and “ultimately not live an oppressed life”.