Armina C.
Armina C., Skyline Class of 2022

Armina, a Year 11 student at Lyndale Secondary College, has had to overcome low self-esteem and confidence when she failed to accept herself and cared too much about how others thought of her. She applied to the Skyline Program as inspiration to further motivate her to be herself, achieve her dreams and help her family financially.

Amongst the subjects she studies, Armina finds herself most passionate about Biology, where she is able to learn about the multitude of living organisms and Literature, where she enjoys reading how authors’ construct meaning and morals within their stories.

With her love for Literature, she is most proud of participating in a creative group-led competition called the Tournament of Minds where she was able to gain more confidence in herself and experience working with others.

Inspired by her migrant mother who became a nurse despite growing up in a very poor society in the Philippines, Armina hopes to achieve even higher scores in 2021, alongside meeting new people along her Skyline journey.