Alley H.
Alley H., Skyline Class of 2022

Alexandra (Alley), a Year 11 student at Dandenong High School, has had to overcome drug and mental abuse in her household when her parents separated. Her mental health and grades deteriorated; however, when she began living with her sister and started her part time job as a Year 10 student, she began to be in a better place.

Despite these struggles, she is proud of having achieved Drama awards at school and continues to be inspired by her sisters, friends, and teachers. She is also incredibly grateful toward Skyline for providing her mental and financial support and looks forward to meeting new like-minded students.

Alley loves to read murder mystery books and about crime cases that happen in society. She is also passionate about psychology and drama because she believes they are “very different and fascinating” and enables her to have an impact on others.