Alexander G.
Alexander G., Skyline Class of 2020

Alexander is a high-achieving student at South Oakleigh Secondary College who completed Biology ¾ and Software Development ¾ in Year 11 and now is studying English, Maths Methods, Algorithmics and Psychology as a Year 12 student. He is proud of having received the Principal’s Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement and having his name on the honour role for Software Development.

He is passionate about technology as it helps connect a diverse range of people everywhere in the world. As part of the Skyline community, he has gained much new knowledge and resources that have helped him grow as a person and made new friends along the way. He is most inspired by his sister as they’ve experienced the same hardships and she has become very successful in her career. 2020 sees Alexander completing his Year 12 studies, hoping to transition into studying Computer Science in university.