Aditya R
Aditya R., Skyline Class of 2022

With his family, Aditya, a Year 11 student from Dandenong High School, moved from India to Australia in 2009 with a dream to live a better life. As they were settling down, Aditya’s mother was diagnosed with the Guillain Barre Syndrome. Aditya’s family struggled during the 6 months of his mother’s recovery, but he is truly grateful towards his family for staying strong and for being able to mature.

Aditya applied to Skyline, intrigued by the opportunities that can help him succeed during VCE. He cites his biggest achievement as being a son who his parents are proud of and believes that through the Skyline Program, he can give back to his supportive parents.

In his spare time, Aditya enjoys playing cricket and has recently picked up cooking, showcasing his passion for constantly learning about new experiences. With this mindset, he hopes to improve academically and socially through the help of Skyline in 2021.