May 2016

Mukul’s Story

Mukul’s Story

Mukul and his family migrated from India in 2007 driven by a desire to get a better education for their two sons. Mukul’s brother experienced a lot of backlash for being intellectually disabled and a slow learner in India.

It was Mukul’s teacher who talked about the Skyline Program with him and he instantly knew he really wanted to be a part of the program not only because it would assist the family financially but also in other facets of life.

“Being a part of Skyline gives me a sense of belonging and privilege. I am very fortunate to be a part of high achievers who all have great talents and aspirations in their chosen fields of study”.

Mukul feels that the most important gift he received from Skyline was not just the bursary but the extra skills through workshops which were held throughout the year.

He said “I feel that Skyline did not only prepare me for my exams at high school but for life and I am really appreciative of that”.