Make a Bequest

When Skyline’s founder educational psychologist the late John S Cheetham established the Skyline Education Foundation, he did so, understanding the power of education to make a lasting difference in the lives of gifted and academically talented young people with the intellectual ability to make a major contribution to the world, but little or no ability to change the circumstances of their background.

The Foundation provides this capacity through the development of a sustainable and secure funding stream via our investment corpus. Through a prudent and controlled investment strategy, our corpus will generate income that will serve our community in perpetuity.

A growing number of Australians are seeking to leave a lasting legacy of giving through bequests or charitable trusts. By contributing in this way, you are helping to ensure the ongoing impact of Skyline Education Foundation Australia for those in need in our community.

To assist you in leaving a Bequest to Skyline Education Foundation Australia in your Will we provide the following standard clause for your use:

“I give the sum of $xxxxx (or xx% of my estate) to SKYLINE EDUCATION FOUNDATION AUSTRALIA (ABN 40 120 737 724) of Suite 51, 45 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122 Australia for its general purposes, and I DIRECT that a receipt issued by the Treasurer, Chief Executive Officer or other authorised officer shall be full and sufficient discharge to my executor/s.”

To discuss your interest in leaving a bequest, please contact us.