Just as Spring is a time of renewal and growth, so it is for the Skyline program. We are renewing the program with a fresh intake of students and we are growing with a pilot program in Geelong.

Fifty Year 10 students from our well-established partner schools have been nominated for 2017-2018 bursaries and the comprehensive selection process is now all but complete. It is a privilege to work closely with school staff who are passionate about their profession and about the support Skyline offers to their students. Together we help students to pursue their educational goals and ambitions for a better life and. indeed, signpost the journey.

We are about to embark on our September Workshop Program which is designed to help students develop strategies for success in both learning and life, help them develop a plan for the unplanned and facilitate forward planning. Our Workshop Program offers higher education experiences and in September, we will again be working in the Melbourne Law Chambers of Monash University

The Skyline Foundation is most appreciative of the generous practical and academic support it receives from Monash and Deakin Universities and the benefits if affords the Skyline students.